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Hermenean Andrei
Rezumat Croitorasul cel viteaz in Limba Engleza
Clasa: a 9-a
Data postarii: 19.11.2017


One day, while the tailor was looking up at the window, a peasant was passing through the street, and she cried out in the mouth: Sweets for sale! Sweets for sale !. Hearing it, our hero decided to buy some of the goodies for sale by the woman. After that, the tailor scratched a slice of sweet bread, then left it on the table, thinking he would enjoy it just after he finished his job.

But what to see, the smell of sweetness brought to life the flies on the ceiling that immediately invaded the piece of bread. Angry, the boy took a cloth and began to hit the insects. After the first blow, the seamstress found that seven souls were lying upside down, which fully satisfied him.

After this important event, which should not be kept hidden, the tailor made a thick gown, embroidered in large letters: SEVEN FROM A LOVE, after which he decided to go to the big world, taking with him only a piece of cheese and a bird caught in the bushes.

The road that the tailor went down to a hill, where he met a giant. Our hero invited the giant to accompany him on the way, but he, bending on the qualities of the lamb, subjected him to light evidence: he set him to crush a stone until he took water out of it, but the tailor took the piece of cheese from pocket, draining it from whey; He dropped a stone, but our hero pulled the bird out of his pocket and let go of it.

After the two tests of fire, the giant asked our hero to help him with the carriage of an oak. The tailor was hiding between the branches, giving only the feeling that he was carrying a tree in his arms, while the giant even held the trunk of the tree.

Seeing him so valiant, the giant invited him to the giant cave. Here, Matahala led his guest to a large bed, inviting him to sleep. As the bed was too big, our hero chose only a corner. At midnight, the host, believing that the young man was asleep, got up, took an iron jab, hitting the bed until he broke it. Now he was happy believing he had escaped the little brave.

The next day, the giants went to the woods without remembrance of the tailor, but he woke up and took the trail. When they saw him, the giants were so scared that they ran away from the fear of our hero.

Seeing his way, our brave man came to the yard of a grand palace. Feeling tired, she lay on the grass, falling into a deep sleep.

The king of this land, asked the tailor to enter his army, defending him in case of war. The tailor accepts, receiving a beautiful house, but also envying the other captains of the armies.

Fearing of the possibility of losing the best fighters because of the tailor, the Emperor decided to send him on a mission to bring them to the two giants who brought the Emperor great damage. If the mission is completed, the tailor will be chosen with half the kingdom and with the emperor's face. How he succeeded in his mission, and the tactical attack of the brave and intelligent tailor of the two giants, let you discover yourself, otherwise I would shatter all the charm and suspense of this work.

The tailor Victoria in front of the two giants did not force the emperor to keep his promise, but on the contrary, he again asked the lass to get rid of a unicorn, but also of a wild boar. And this time the tailor came out victorious. He thus gained half the kingdom and obtained the hand of the emperor's face.

The young woman, hearing her husband speaking night in his sleep, discovered that she was not drawn from a chosen nation, being a simple tailor. The discovery made her uncomfortable. She asked her father to escape her husband. The Emperor and his daughter had set up at night, when the tailor would sleep the log, their servants to bind him and send him with a ship in the great world. But the plan was heard by the victim. What followed then will forever be a secret for you, dear ones, unless you read the story from the beginning to the end.

The story of "The Cruel Tailor" by the Brothers Grimm shows us a hero with a lot of cleverness, besides luck and bravery. He is a character loved by the little ones and loved by the great ones, who urge us to take our hearts in the face of any challenge and to put our minds to the contribution, for surely we will create something that will save us from trouble. That being said, I withdraw before you confess a great truth: the world of fairy tales is and will always be present, and to keep its flame lit, read it and tell it to your dear ones!

  • Hermenean Andrei
    Rezumat Croitorasul cel viteaz in Limba Engleza
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