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Alexandra Popica
Jack and the Beanstalk
Clasa: a 9-a
Data postarii: 19.11.2017

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    Jack was a poor boy living with his mother in a cottage on the edge of the village. One day Jack's mother made him go with the cow, the only fortune to sell it.

 Jack goes to the fair where he gets a few beans in exchange for cows. come home Jack gets home battling and is left to sleep unharmed because he has not brought anything to his advantage. Jack threw the beans upset on the glass and lay down.               

    The next day the boy sees a bigger bean bowl than his house three times. He's hungry and starved and he's gonna get somewhere where he'll find out about the giant shores. From there he steals the chicken with golden eggs and goes home giving his mother's chicken.

     Since then, Jack has not lost anything and has lived happily with his mother.

  • Alexandra Popica
    Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Alexandra Popica
    Jack si vrejul de fasole