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Naghi Cristina
Jack and the beanstalk
Clasa: a 9-a
Data postarii: 19.11.2017

         Sometime ago a window lived in a village. She lived with her son Jack .They lived in the milk they bought from their cow, White- like -milk, milking in the morning and sold at the fair.They were very sad , when a curel drought fell on the village, and their cow did not give up the milk for the tow of them. Then , in need of money , they decided to sell the White-like-milk to the fair.
         In the morning , the window sent his son with the cow , but before he reached the destination , am old man stepped in , proposing to give him the cow in exchange for five beans . The batter claimed that those beans the beans are charmed . He told Jack to get them in the evening , and overnight the berries will grow and grow up to the sky. At first , the baby is very uncertain , but accepts , with a condition : if the beans will not grow exactly , it will return to  White - like-milk. 
         Jack begs the five grains and goes home , thinking about how happy his mother will be when he finds out about his compromise. Once home , she tells her mother , who was expecting to sell the cow at a very good price , about the old man and about how she gave the White-loke -milk for five bean beans , magical words from the old man .It does not react as Jack imagined , on the contrary by thro wing the grains on the glass.
       Jack , being intimidated by his mother_s deeds, goes to his room . He  is hungry , but he  forgets everything when he thinks of what he could do dith those bean beans. Immediately when she wakes up , his room is darker than usual , and when she looks out the winow she notices the big beans, just as the old man said the day before . Now , in front of the window , there is a huge giant that rises up to the sky, which the mother and the child is going to enjoy. 
        The child decides to go up , believing that he will discover smoething. He climbs up as he climbes , and the wind that seems to be no longer over , carries it over coluds , where he finds a long road . Make a jump , thus reaching the end of the end where a large house hold is in which a woman makes his chores quiet house wife.He  goes to this confidently and asks him to give him food , because he is an infamous child.Women are glad to him and ask him in the house, not before warning him about her husband. This is a kid who eats children and that_s why Jack will have to hurry . The cop has no time to eat , for the stalker gets home. It comes with prey caught in the morning, and the woman hides Jack from her husband _s hunger and hunger . 
          Due to his developed senses , the chaplain feels the child , but his wife convinces him that the only thing he feels is the smell of dinner last night. 
           After a copious meal , the wowman_s husnabd begins to count one of the three bags of money , thus falling asleep. So much so that the whole house shuddered from the grund. Jack leaves the hiding place and laves , of course after stealing a bag of three .
            He goes do wnstairs and thanks to the stolen bag , lives well with his  mother . But as everything has an end , the money ends , and the child decides to visit again the woman who , sometime ago , had loved him and had offered her a warm meal , the woman whose husband hand stolen the money bag for which she had been good for so far .
             He gets up again and arrives at the wowman_s house , and she  again asks him to give him food .The wowman think_s  before she gets she baby , considering the mysterious dispparance of the money bag , but the baby strengthens her willing  to tell you what happend to the bag if he gers it . 
            Just as at the last visit , the child does not get to eat ell because the chapel reaches with two other boars . It smells like a baby again , but the woman  convinces her that she is only in the house. After having a good meal , the chapel pills ...a hen out of nowhere . It was not any kind of chichen , but a chichen that if you tell him to make eggs , he was making golden eggs.
            At the sight of these minions, Jacc wants to get out of the hideout as quickly aspossible and lave with the chicken . He flies and flies , but nt everything goes according to his plans , because the hien begins to flatter. The next moment , the two of then are headung for the child who breaks her to run away , near the wind , ready to descend where his mother waits for him . 
            Again the window and she son were leading a beautyful life , but Jack wanted more and more so the bastards , ould go to steal again for the two . 
          And this time the naive woman recives the baby . Everything is the same as the last two the lady , after taking  his breakfast , carries a harp  singing alone , Jack takes this at a time of in attention  from the two , but also the plans are shattered be the harp the magic that begins to sing for help . 
         This time the hecter is more careful and comes to Jack , but he does not manage to catch him . The child descendes as fast as hre can , and once with his feet on thr ground , he cuts his heat , so the chap can still catch the baby .
         Since then , Jack and his mother have a beautiful life , with the help of the chick that makes the golden eggs and the harp playing them whwn they need it.

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