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Bran Francesca
Jack and the beanstalk
Clasa: a 9-a
Data postarii: 14.11.2017

   Once upon a time, there was a widow and her only son, named Jack. They both lived with the milk that they took every morning from their cow but one day happened that the cow didn't gave milk anymore because of the drought that spilled all over the village. After a long time of thinking, they decided to sell it, their luck being that the next day was market day. 

   The next morning, Jack left home with his cow to the market, a little bit after the sun has breed. Not after a long time, Jack met an old man who offered to him five beans in exchange for his cow. This man supported that those beans were enchanted and if you plant them in the evening, the next morning they're gonna grow up to the sky. At the beggining, Jack didn't want to trust the misterious man but at the end accept it with the condition that if the beans doesn't grow until the next morning, he's gonna take his cow back. Jack took the beans and put them in his pocket. 

   Arrived at home, his mother was so happy to see him so early home, she was thinking that his son surely sold their cow at a good price. Jack told her about the old man and the five beans but she didn't want to hear nothing more so she send him in his room and she throw those trough the window. 

   The second day something strange happened. It was darker than in other mornings. Jack got out of the bed and went to the window to see what is happening. Then, he saw something that he has never thought he's gonna see. The beanstalk grew up to the sky just like the old man said. He went out to see with his own eyes, the biggest beanstalk in the world, so did his mother. After Jack said to her what he wants to do, he started to climb the beanstalk until he saw a long road. 

   After a time, Jack arrived in front of a big house where there lived an ogre and his wife. To can get into the house, Jack asked to the women to give him some food because he was starving. The woman gave to the boy some cheese and milk but Jack didn't manage to eat so much because the ogre just arrived at home and Jack was forced by the woman to hide in the oven. After a good lunch, he took out a bag of money and started to count. Seeing so much money, Jack was very determined to take the money and go with them home. So when the ogre fell asleep, Jack took the bag and without being seen, he goes home very happy and proud of himself. As he did that now, did another two times with the chicken with the gold eggs and the harp singing but the third time he was cought by the ogre and his wife who started to ran after him. Got down, Jack took an ax and started to cut the beanstalk down so the ogre remained blocked in the clouds and from then, Jack and his mother have lived happily with the chicken and the harp. 

  • Bran Francesca
    Jack and the beanstalk
  • Bran Francesca
    Jack și vrejul de fasole